Yes, we love us some apps. Both the ones on our phones AND the ones served before the main course! #DadJokes

And just like you, me and all your S3E CrossFit coaches have tried A LOT of different apps for all sorts of different purposes:

  • Nutrition

  • Workouts

  • Sleep tracking

  • Dating…well, not ME…I’m too old for that sh*t!!

Apps related to fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, etc. absolutely have a place in the journey toward your goals. But there is one major problem with all of them:

No app can replace the coach-client relationship.


Sure, you can find all sorts of workouts or movements or super cool tricks to try on YouTube or in some app, but will that coach you? Or will it just teach you something you THINK you need to learn?

So, what’s the difference?

I’m glad you asked. Teaching you the air squat would include telling you to take a shoulder-width stance, hips descend back & down, maintain lumbar curve, knees tracking in-line with toes, hips descend lower than your knees, heels stay down, and you finish with full extension of the hips and knees.

COACHING you to do an air squat involves teaching you all that AND making sure you are doing it correctly and if you are not, then seeing what is wrong and correcting it for you.

Pretty cool, right?!? And probably not something that is easily available with an app…or even one of those fancy, thousands of dollars in-home exercise equipment thingies…yep, I said it.

So, how does hiring a fitness coach help you achieve your health and fitness goals FASTER?

Here are five major reasons:

Reason 1: You don’t know where to start

“I can do math…but I pay somebody to do my taxes!” – Coach Matt

It is a safe bet you have tried some sort of exercising in the past but got frustrated with something; lack of motivation, not getting the results you want, or you are ready to step up to the next level.

Hiring a professional fitness coach means YOU get access to the years (decades in many cases) of experience they have in training people just like you who want results very similar to the ones YOU want to achieve.

Reason 2: You are tired with the same old routine

“Today is a day that ends in Y…so we hit chest and BICEPS!” – Some bro, somewhere we imagine

Being that you have tried something in the past to stay healthy, you probably got really overwhelmed with all the “fades” and with all the choices at the gym you just joined:

  • Should I do cardio first, then lift weights?
  • What weights should I lift?
  • What is that weird machine over there?!?

A professional coach LITERALLY does all that work for you. That’s what they live for in fact.

All you really need to do is come to your session or class, be ready to be coached, and give feedback on how your training went. Sounds pretty simple, right? It can be…you just gotta show up!

Reason 3: Keep you accountable

“Skipping is exercise, so if I skip my workout…?” – All of us, at some point

If nobody notices you not showing up for your workouts, it can be REALLY tempting to stay at home in those comfy pajamas bottoms you had on for that final Zoom meeting of the day, and only expend calories by getting mad when your streaming service asks, “Are you still watching?”


Whether you are doing 1-on-1 sessions or you have signed up for group training, a professional coach knows you are coming and they are EXPECTING you. Sure, emergencies happen but if you don’t come to class or your appointment, your coach is gonna contact you to figure out what’s up. Many times that is enough motivation to keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

Reason 4: Help you set brave goals

“All growth happens outside your comfort zone.” – The Inspiration Poster Dude

You’ve seen that quote, or some variation of it, on a wall or in an email at least a thousand times by now. But does saying it over and over and over again make it TRUE?

  • Only one way to find out, right? (See what I did there?!?)

Seriously though, we humans prefer comfort. Take a look around you right now. What do you see? Pretty sure there are a handful of things specifically designed to make your life comfortable within reach right now.

You have some ideas about what goals you would like to achieve, but are they too big? Too small? Should you set smaller goals along the way to achieving that BIG, HAIRY @$$ GOAL you really want?!?

Let a professional fitness coach be your guide as you work together to answer all those questions and more.

Reason 5: Keep you consistent

“Consistency > Perfection” – That Other Inspirational Dude

Have you ever watched those shows during Shark Week? You know, the ones where the huge sharks are flying out of the water, trying to eat those sea lions?

Outside of the idea of “flying sharks” (thanks for that nightmare COACH), a fascinating thing to realize is the shark does not always get to eat. Sometimes the sea lion escapes. Can you imagine if the shark thought, “oh well, didn’t get to eat today so I guess I can forget about trying to eat tomorrow.”

HECK NO! The shark shows back up tomorrow and tries again. Your journey towards your goals will be much the same: filled with ups and downs, some misses, and some wins. But that journey will most certainly come to an abrupt end if you don’t stay consistent with the work.

A professional coach can be key in keeping you consistent and will be able to talk to you when you hit those bumps in the road with your training. Think of them as your partner shark, the one that nobody saw cheering you on as you took that leap in the air chasing your sea lion…er…goals.

Bottom line: Investing in a professional coach will help you accomplish your goals faster through expertise, insight, motivation and accountability. If you are ready to talk to your professional coach, book a free no sweat intro now.

Trust us: Walking through that door is the hardest part; we got you the rest of the way.

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