Welcome to my groundbreaking adventure, crew!

As many of you know, this is a “big” year for me (i.e. I’ll be the big 5-0 in June) and I’m embarking on a year-long quest to revolutionize the way I view recovery, and I want you to join me for the ride. Buckle up because this isn’t your typical stroll through fitness or technique tips; it’s a full-blown revolution, and I want to be at the forefront.

Why a Revolution?

In a world that often glorifies the grind, I want to flip the script. Recovery isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a badge of honor worn by those committed to sustainable success. I’ve been doing CrossFit for more than 15 years at this point and before that I beat my body up pretty good with the demands of being an Explosive Ordnance Disposal diver in the Navy. So trust me, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, this revolution is tailor-made for you.

Active vs. Passive: Finding Harmony

I plan to dive deep (Navy Diver pun intended…) into the dichotomy of recovery – the dynamic balancing act between active and passive methods. From heart-pounding workouts to moments of blissful stillness, each week I look to unravel the secrets of finding harmony in the chaos of our busy lives.

Expect the Unexpected

I’m not looking for you to forget what you know about recovery, but rather let’s be open minded, skeptical, and curious about EVERYTHING recovery related. I’m not just going to talk about foam rollers and protein shakes (though those are still in the mix). Brace yourself for the unexpected – from cryotherapy and ice baths to mindfulness practices and breathing techniques – as I explore the full spectrum of tools that can propel me toward peak performance…at least for an Old Guy like myself.

Why Now?

I’ve been blessed, and lucky, to have avoided any real major injuries but I have often pushed myself to my limits only to find myself burnt out or sidelined by injury (glute strain or broken rib anybody?!?). So I’ve learned the cost of neglecting recovery and now is the time to rewrite that narrative so YOU can avoid my mistakes.

What to Anticipate Weekly

Every week, I’ll unravel a new layer of the recovery tapestry. From the science behind these methods to practical tips for seamless integration into your routine, consider this your weekly dose of recovery revolution wisdom.

Become a Revolutionist

If this all sounds cool to you, then join the conversation! Share your experiences, questions, and triumphs along the way. I’m not just building a healthier ME; let’s forge a community of passionate folks committed to the long game.

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll explore the fundamentals of active vs. passive recovery.

Welcome…to the Recovery Revolution!